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האם החברות טכנולוגיה העכשוויות יוצרות מציאות שיווקית חדשה - תשובה מאת אל ריס

במשך השנים, היה לי קשר עסקי עם אל ריס, היועץ האמריקאי אשר כתב ספרים בתחום של אסטרטגיה שיווקית, תהליכי מיתוג ובעיקר התפרסם על ידי המצאת מודל המיצוב עם שותפו גק טראוט.

אל ולורה ריס:

הנה המייל שכתבי לאל ריס:

Dear Al and Laura,

How are you, I hope you are well and healthy.

I was approached by a reporter here, he asked me about my opinion as to the marketing world of the 'new generation of companies': SAAS, Cyber, Technology and wanted my opinion on that, He claimed that the 'new generation of companies' need new rules for marketing not as implemented by traditional companies. I think that if you can share your view on that I can add your name to the article if you so wish.

Keep safe Al Best wishes,

Josef Cohen

להלן תשובתו של אל ריס:

Dear Joseph:

Glad to hear from you.

Instead new rules for marketing, most companies violate existing rules.

That's why there is a raft of new companies dominating

new categories.

Chapter 10 of my book, Positioning: The battle for your mind, is entitled,0 The line-extension trap.

Yet most companies look for ways to line-extend their brands instead of launching new brands.

This year, Tesla has 72 percent of the electric vehicle market in America and the other ten brands (Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Jaguar, Nissan, Porsche and Volkswagen.) share the remaining 28 percent, or an average of 2.8 percent

each. Amazon, a new brand, dominates the Internet category because the leading retail brand (Walmart) tried to compete with Line extensions almost never work because company leaders fall in love with their brand names and will almost never use a new brand name on a new category. Use a new brand name for Chevrolet's electric vehicle? That's ridiculous. Chevrolet is a 110-year-old brand.

And so it goes.

All the best.


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