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Hi, thank you for visiting my website

Please find some info as to my area of expertise and knowledge.

Also, you can find a list of service

Dr Cohen Josef

Scientific Areas of Specialization:

Research - Mixed Methods methodology

Small and Medium-size marketing Management
Consumer economy
Consumer psychology / Marketing psychology
Organizational culture change

Services offered:

Business problem solving - like no growth, no earnings, strong competition, etc

Positioning issues

Sales process 

Return on advertising issues

Business plans

value proposition - creating or updating

BPM - creating or improving business processes - regarding growth issues (non-logistics)

Employee research, customer research

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Real time software

SAAS software company


The Israeli national toto


Israeli HP software branch

Robins Ltd

Biggest furnetuire importer to Israel


Biggest gates and bars manufacture in Israel

Canada Israel

Stock price: ISCN (TLV) 1,524.00 ILA +172.00 (+12.72%) 26 May, 16:47 GMT+3 - Disclaimer Founded: March 23, 1986 Headquarters: Israel Founders: Barak Rosen, Assaf Tuchmeir


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+ 972 -544- 205 789

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