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Grow and improve your business results with a guarantee



About DR Josef Cohen:

After working with SMEs for over ten years, DR Cohen developed a business game for business growth.

Dr Cohen developed a robust four-session workshop to ensure better business results using proven methods like metaphors, growth hacking, and storyline, etc.


Empirically proven!
One-year guarantee!
Money-back guarantee!
Four short sessions


Empirically proven and tested at a PHD level research, the Kingdom-Marketing workshop can guarantee your business growth and improvement.

In this workshop we will cover

The KM workshop here is unique in the field of business growth.
The workshop is intended for SMEs who have strategically decided to develop themselves personally and professionally on an emotional and cognitive level and change existing paradigms and business results. After the workshop, the SME's managers and workers can manage and conduct themselves in the business environment to improve their quality of life at work. At the same time, the buds of a sales-supporting organisational culture will grow, organisational learning, personal involvement, and teamwork will be intensified, management processes and knowledge creation will be strengthened, different levels of thinking and the tendency of the members of the team to take personal and group responsibility for the fulfilment of the organisation's vision and goals.

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