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Establishment of a sales network

For companies and organizations that set up a sales network.
Recruiting sales people, training, accompanying and calibrating the array for optimal results.

Business Meeting

Establishment of a sales network

When setting up a sales team, the following parameters must be taken into account:

Customers - How do we segment customers by size, potential, needs, capacity, location, etc.? What are the segments?
The highest priority for the organization - in sales processes subgroups with special needs are often created.
Technology - Which technology will best support my activities
Capacity - What is the workload required to sell and serve customers?
Ability - What skills our people need to have the right conversations with different levels
Of customers in order to sell

Generators of trust - what generators of trust are required in order for salespeople to succeed in the process
Creating trust with customers

Calibration and control - What processes have I established in order to successfully calibrate and improve sales in the organization?
Objectives - What are the business objectives of the organization, how do I make sure that there is a positive possibility to meet
Them, how do I measure goals that lead to meeting goals (KPIs)



Start working now

The promise

Extensive knowledge, accuracy in data, deepening, relevance, timeliness, desire to help

Best Price


Dynamic pricing of services or products

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Customer research

Understanding the customer in a scientific way enables growth, positive business risk management and the continued establishment of the organization

Market Analysis

Business data analysis

Analyzing existing cumulative data in the business, the business truth is there

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Improving the telephone sales system

Improving the results of a telephone sales system or improving an array  Telephone services

Digital Gadget

Supportive technologies

Adapting technologies to promote the organization

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Employee research

The human capital in the organization will help you to pursue business goals, study it in depth, it is highly recommended

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Establishment of a sales network

Establishing a sales system for the organization in accordance with the organization's goals


Advertising costs

Reducing advertising costs and increasing return on investment results


Creating a winning value proposition

Building a clear, and unique value proposition  Experienced managers can also challenge.

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