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Site Services - Dr. Yossi Cohen

You will find on my site services that will contribute to the growth and improvement of your business.

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Networking Event


Dynamic pricing of services or products

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customer research

Understanding the customer in a scientific way enables growth, positive business risk management and the continued establishment of the organization

Market Analysis

Business data analysis

Analyzing aggregate data that exists in the business, the business truth is there

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Improvement of telephone sales system

Improving the results of a telephone sales system or improving a system  telephone services

Digital Gadget

Supporting technologies

Adapting technologies to advance the organization

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employee studies

The human capital in the organization will help you achieve business goals, study it in depth, it is highly recommended

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Establishing a sales system

Establishing a sales system for the organization in accordance with the goals of the organization


Advertising costs

Reducing advertising costs and increasing ROI results


Creating a winning value proposition

Building a clear and unique value proposition  can challenge even experienced managers.

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