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Improving the telephone sales system

Many companies and organizations set up a telephone sales network as part of their sales process.
In a proven research process more impressive results can be achieved

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Improving the telephone sales system

In an accurate research process you can significantly improve the success of your telephone system!

In order to be successful in the process we will need to examine:

- Call recordings according to various parameters that we will define
Call scripts
Interview with the call team
- Customer research (as needed, not always)
KPI Exam - Goals set by managers


Some data on the subject:
According to the global company SALESFORCE - 92% of the interactions with customers will be done over the phone, 85% of the customers will report that the telephone interaction with the company was unsuccessful for them.

80% of sales require at least five telephone interactions with the customer after the meeting in order to close a sale, 44% of salespeople only do one telephone interaction and breakdowns (Marketingdounat)


Start working now

The promise

Extensive knowledge, accuracy in data, deepening, relevance, timeliness, willingness to help

Best Price


Dynamic pricing of services or products

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Customer research

Understanding the customer in a scientific way enables growth, positive business risk management and the continued establishment of the organization

Market Analysis

Business data analysis

Analyzing existing cumulative data in the business, the business truth is there

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Improving the telephone sales system

Improving the results of a telephone sales array or improving an array  Telephone services

Digital Gadget

Supportive technologies

Adapting technologies to promote the organization

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Employee research

The human capital in the organization will help you to pursue business goals, study it in depth, it is highly recommended

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Establishment of a sales network

Establishing a sales system for the organization in accordance with the organization's goals


Advertising costs

Reducing advertising costs and increasing return on investment results


Creating a winning value proposition

Building a clear, and unique value proposition  Experienced managers can also challenge.

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